We changed our name!
Now we are Snap Data & Logic, Inc.

This is our old website - but welcome anyway!. We are now called Snap Data & Logic. (www.snapdnl.com). We specialize in line of business custom software solutions desgined to meet  the specific business needs of our clients. Our services are unique. If your business is unique and you are tired of trying to change your business model to fit an off the shelf solution - we may be exactly what you are looking for.

Keep an eye on us - the world of software for small and mid-size businesses is about to change - and we intend to help it!  If you are curious about that please contact us.

We've launched a new product - TimeSnap

At Snap Data & Logic we have launched a new product called TimeSnap. It provides Simple Time Tracking for Teams, and is aimed at small consulting software shops, agencies, and any business that charges and/or pays by the hour. If you'd like more information - please get in touch!

About Us

We are a custom software consultancy specializing in delivering solid business applications designed to fit your particular business model like a glove.

Although we are a small operation, we fully exploit the advantage that brings to the table for our clients - namely a practical and agile mindset highly tuned to deliver business value.